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End of an era 1999 - 2017

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Our mission was the realistic portrayal of the amputee in the media, and amputees in amputee roles in movies and on television as well as the authentic representation of prostheses, and the professionals who design and fit them.... Health reasons have forced me to retire this website and service as I was unable to continue it as it was with someone else... Amputees In Hollywood was an exclusive organization and website I started over 18 years ago. As a prosthetist I saw the erroneous portrayal of amputees and my profession increase following the war in Iraq. In the past amputees were the forgotten disability when it came to being represented by organizations advocating for inclusion in the arts. I therefore started Amputees In Hollywood to exclusively represent amputees for roles in movies and television. I also knew that the proper depiction of amputees and prostheses in the media would indirectly help in the funding of research in amputee rehabilitation and prostheses for amputees....Al Pike, CP(E)

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Education > Education Services > Placement Services

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